:: Startup Repair for Windows

The Startup Repair for Windows is the best utility for modifying startup settings in the Microsoft Windows operating systems.
Startup Repair for Windows is much more than a Windows startup configuration tool! When Windows starts, it checks for registry entries that allow the system to execute processes together with it automatically, it also allows you to add entries that you want to be started automatically with the system, and gives you the ability to remove any startup item from your system startup and make your system healthier.

:: Features:-
  Friendly interface allows to perform the following operations:
  1. Easy-to-use interface.
  2. Allow you to Remove harmful programs like spyware, virus, dialers...etc, and make your system healthier.
  3. Add new startup entries.
  4. Very low system resources required.
  5. Keep the history of removed items so you can restore them whenever you want.
:: Screen Shots:-
:: System Requirements:-
  1. Operating system: Windows® 2000,Windows® XP,Windows® Vista.
  2. CPU: 900 MHz PentiumIII or higher.
  3. Disk Space: 30 MB free space for operation, plus an additional 10 MB that is needed during installation.
  4. Min. resolution 1024 x 768 with 16MB memory and 32-bit color (high color).